Lisa Sarusi


Lisa Sarusi real estate agent


Running her own successful business for 15 years, Lisa Sarusi is a highly efficient and organised operator with a keen eye for detail. Gaining her real estate licence after studying an accounting degree. Lisa’s calm steadying presence, relaxed attitude and ability to get the job done make her a natural Property Manager where her key attributes see her handle the day to day management of properties with aplomb and maintain smooth relationships between all parties.

Hardworking, honest and friendly, Lisa’s excellent communication skills are the key to her proficiency in maintaining great client relationships. As the first point of contact for both tenants and landlords - and as part of the experienced Olsen Romano team - her ability to deal with the day to day issues that arise in a clear and concise way helps her get to the core of any issue and find solutions with efficiency. 

Priding herself on getting the job done, and get it done well, in an easy going and friendly manner, Lisa excels at making sure nothing falls between the cracks, and her tenants and landlords love her for it. Dedicated to satisfying both parties and making sure everyone is comfortable and happy, Lisa believes in maintaining a high standard of quality service and delivering beyond expectations. Whether that be value adding to a property, or suggesting improvements that will deliver results, it’s little wonder she is building a reputation in the local area as someone with an investor mindset who can seamlessly coordinate projects and management while paying close attention to detail in a trustworthy manner.